Richard Devies, Quanteam Recruitment Director interviewed by Linkfinance

January 3rd, 2012

“Quanteam consultants work in all Investment Banking and Market Finance major players”, Richard Devies, Quanteam Recruitment Director.

Can you introduce Quanteam to us?

Quanteam is a consulting company created in 2007, dedicated to market finance, with offices in Paris, London, Brussels and Hong Kong. Its three core pillars are: targeted positioning in the market finance sector and an offer dedicated to IT and operational directions; recognized expertise in project steering, project management and application support; expertise in trading rooms, organizational consulting and change management.
Today, Quanteam has more than 120 employees in the 4 countries mentioned above, and the company is even quoted by Ernst & Young as the second “young innovative IT SME rising in France!”


What are the main business lines within Quanteam?

Quanteam consultants work on a wide range of missions in all Investment Banking and Market Finance major players. For instance, some of our collaborators work on purely “business” issues (ie. finance) such as pricing model audits or projects dealing with market and credit risks management (a very fashionable subject right now). Others are asked to work on the development of applications for the different players in a trading room (traders, managers, etc.), from high-frequency trading automations to transactions reconciliation tools and investment management software (Sophis, Murex, Calypso, Summit…). Finally, Quanteam teams also intervene on organizational aspects, for instance, by optimizing information processing processes, or by acting as Project Management Officer on large-scale topics.


Today, what kind of positions are to be filled?

Quanteam regularly recruits candidates who are able to exercise as project managers, business analysts or specialized developers (IT Front, IT Quant, IT Commando). With its dual specialization in business and IT, we also integrate consultants with a strong functional and operational background within Business departments (Front Office / Middle Office / Back Office), Risk management departments and Financial departments.


To which trainings do you give priority?

We favour engineering schools with a market finance specialization or a double degree such as Ensimag, Centrale Paris, Supelec… The quality university studies are not left behind: Dauphine Master 222, 203, Paris 6 Finance and Probabilities Master, etc… are fully qualified trainings to get a position at Quanteam.


In the current context, are you facing difficulties to recruit some specific profils?

Although the context is actually difficult for some of our clients at this time, knowing the demand for intellectual performances is very volatile, we strive to adapt our recruitment policy continuously. As for every company of the sector, the most requested profiles (and thus the rarest) are the ones with duals skills and a significant experience.


Are there skills that you are particularly looking for in your future collaborators?

The consulting job is primarily a service business. For this reason, relational and personal qualities (listening, empathy…) are among the most important to succeed. Our future employees must also demonstrate good deductive skills (the quantity of information to be processed in our jobs is very important), strong writing capabilities and of course in addition to their functional and technical skills. Finally, we expect our consultants to have a spirit of initiative as well as an involvement in Quanteam’s life, both on a daily basis and in the longer term.


What are the mobility possibilities for your employees?

Today, people who join us, as well as those who are working for us, can go to work in Paris, Brussels (and all the Benelux), London, or Hong Kong / Singapore. Our very short-term projects are to open our offices in New York and in Switzerland.


Richard Devies, Quanteam Recruitment Director