Startuper portrait : Interview of Julien Bensoussan

November 12th, 2015

Julien Bensoussan, Associated Director and Founder of Quanteam

“I have been an entrepreneur for 7 years but this desire has been with me for several years now. I took the time to train and think about a solid business model, and I started in 2007. Just before the subprime crisis in the US and the debt crisis in Europe: a real sense of timing! Being able to grow during these years reinforced me in the idea that, as Warren Buffet says, “It is when the sea recedes that we see those who bathe naked”. Daring to launch any time with envy and pugnacity is the key to success.”

Find the whole interview in #PortraitDeStartuper realized by Sébastien Bourguignon.

Portrait de startuper