Benoit Mauran tells us everything about Scala

July 5th, 2016

On June 6th, Scala, a Marseille-based company, officially joined us to become our new asset in Digital Transformation. Scala is now part of the Quanteam group and we now count on 535 employees in Europe, the United States and North Africa. Benoit Mauran, one of the two Directors of Scala, discusses this event and the new perspectives it offers us.


Can you tell us the story about Scala and its development?

Scala was born out of a merging of the rather traditional IT services we had been driving Robert Bravo* and I since 2007. In 2013, we took a radical turn to adapt us to a growing market, but which was finally quite different from what we knew. Suddenly, we were only talking about digital: we realized that the basic trend was that our decisions related to innovation and digital technology were increasingly taken by our teams of business, communication, marketing, finance, etc. We have therefore completed our highly technical vision with a more business-oriented approach to bring us closer to the company’s overall strategy. So today we produce services, applications, websites that are not only highly technically developed but are very focused on end-users, and not just for IT. And we went from SSII to Services Company for Digital Transformation by transforming ourselves.

Scala Benoit Mauran

Why did you join Quanteam Group?

We have great ambitions, but we could not afford to realize our dreams in the short term, and it was extremely frustrating. In addition, even if we were very well identified locally, we needed to be better established at the national level, and all this is expensive … By joining Quanteam, Scala immediately takes another scale, we will be able to deploy our strategy quickly and become a significant player in Digital Transformation, we stand out against an existing competition but still poorly structured and behind us in terms of experience in the sector. Maybe we have been right too early, but nowadays, it enables us to be one step ahead!


By joining Quanteam, should you transform your company again?

We probably will not transform us because we have already done a lot of work in that way. Our organization is ready to meet the digital transformation challenges of businesses. Furthermore, our teams are different in size but quite similar in spirit…
However, we will benefit from Quanteam Group’s methodologies to be more efficient, and in return, Quanteam will benefit from some specific approaches that we can have, from our technological certifications and our local implementations.


What are the priority projects for Scala in 2016?

We will start by getting to know each other, and then we will quickly be ready to put ourselves in order of battle to deploy our very ambitious development plan. Scala will thus propose its offer to Quanteam’s clients in Paris and abroad. Then we will extend customer coverage by addressing large accounts not yet Quanteam customers. And finally, we will deploy our offer throughout the French territory.
This plan involves a major recruitment plan that we will launch during the summer 2016 with the objective of attracting the best employees, who are passionate about technologies and solutions related to digital transformation.


More seriously, as summer approaches, did you plan exchange programs between collaborators from Marseilles and from Paris? (Are flip-flops needed?)

Why not! With locations in Paris, Marseilles but also in Nice, Tunis, Casablanca, London, Brussels and New York, we are able to offer very motivating personal challenges to our collaborators who want to be mobile and discover new horizons.
In any case in Marseilles, every Friday we have a barbecue at the beach…


Benoit Mauran – Director of Scala


*[Benoit’s associate at the creation of Scala Group]