A new working environment for a great company to work in!

May 30th, 2017

Grégoire Jarry, Associate Director of Quanteam, discusses the new measures taken by the firm in favor of well-being at work. Quanteam moved to new premises in rue Euler in March and this new work environment allows the firm to offer pleasant working conditions for all its employees.


How does your move support your workplace wellness policy?

For our move, we have chosen to settle in larger offices in order to support our growth but also to offer more pleasant and warm offices for our employees. This relocation also provided an opportunity to rethink how we work and to set up common working spaces, including a large co-working room furnished with sofas and high tables to encourage informal exchanges between employees and the team work.

Photo Grégoire Jarry

What other measures have you taken to improve the working life of your employees?

At Quanteam, we want our employees to feel good and exchange with each other. We therefore set up several moments of exchanges that punctuate the Quanteam daily life like Happy Mondays (a breakfast for all employees on Monday morning), fruit baskets every week available to all ; as well as places of sharing: a kitchen for lunch breaks or a relaxation room equipped with a foosball. Indeed, we are convinced that the break is an essential moment for our employees to feel good and be more efficient in their work.

Bien Etre au travail

… and soon the creation of a sports gym?

We are currently setting up a gym on our premises that will be ready by this summer. Consultants and Headquarters employees will then be able to take advantage of these facilities before / after their working day or even on their lunch break time. Sport is an element that we feel is essential for everyone’s balance. Besides this sports hall, the Quanteam employee representative committee regularly organizes football training and other sports activities (ski weekend, karting …) and our employees took part in the Color Run in April for the second consecutive year.

Finally, how do you create links with consultants who do not work on a daily basis at Quanteam Headquarters?

We have always had a strong will to maintain a “Quanteam” spirit with our consultants who work with our customers. This proximity to our employees is the essence of the firm. It is built through a sustained dialogue between our consultants and their Business Managers, but also by the organization of regular events, meetings and exchanges such as team afterworks, inauguration evening of the new premises, corporate end-of-year party, the Quanteam weekend…

Moreover, we keep all our consultants informed about the latest news within Quanteam and we give them a real view on the life of the firm through newsletters and social networks.


Grégoire Jarry – Associate Director of Quanteam Group