What is the job of Business Managers?

February 28th, 2018

An intrapreneur role within Quanteam

At Quanteam, consulting company specialized in Finance, Business Managers have a key role in the organization. True “intrapreneur”, the Business Manager independently manages his scope by defining his own business plan and by hiring his contributors. He must retain his clients, federate his teams and develop the career of his consultants.
A challenging, instructive and diversified profession we explain in this interview.

Moez, Business Manager at Quanteam for 3 years, talks about his jobs and its specificities within Quanteam.


What is your education and when did you start working at Quanteam?

After a Master in an Engineering School in Mathematical and Mechanical modeling and a specialization in Finance as part of a specialized Master, I joined Quanteam in December 2010 as consultant. I worked on several projects within the Risks Department of CACIB and then I left Quanteam in 2014 in order to work internally in an Investment Bank. In 2015, I was asked to become a Business Manager and I seized this opportunity since I had already expressed this wish during my first year as a consultant at Quanteam.

Moez Arfa

Why did you want to become Business Manager? Did you already know this job?

When I was a consultant, I quickly became Consultant Manager. This role allowed me to have a vision of “business development” and coach in addition to my job as a consultant. These two aspects made me want to move towards a position of Business Manager.
The entrepreneurial vision of the Business Manager position and the notion of associated challenge were one of my first motivations: as a BM, I manage my “small business” composed of a customer scope and a team to federate and to grow. However, it is above all the human aspect that I like and it is a dimension that is at the heart of the Business Manager position. Human relations are very strong, be it on the client side for the business development and loyalty part, but also on the consulting side because we support each of our consultants in their professional development and we must unite our teams.

To conclude, the Business Manager’s job is very enriching because it allowed me to develop other skills than those I had acquired during my training such as managerial skills, business development and human resource competences.


Which challenges did you face when you began as a Junior Business Manger?

In my opinion, the transition from consulting to BM has allowed me to better understand the issues of the Business Manager position.

On the other hand, the main difficulty when I started as a Business Manager was setting goals. Indeed, when I was a consultant, the objectives were only qualitative (such as training on certain processes or getting familiar with a number of regulations). BM’s job has both qualitative and quantitative objectives. At the beginning, this new aspect has been difficult to grasp.

Human relationships being at the core of this job, I encountered some difficulties related to this new dimension. These issues came as and when I had to learn to manage them (unsatisfied consultant on a subject, problems of affinities, resignation …). To this end, I was coached by a Senior BM who shared with me his experience on both the business development part and the conflict management. Finally, the Human Resources teams also support the BMs by accompanying us on certain aspects such as annual interviews.


Today, what is the size of the perimeter you are working on? How many contributors are part of your team? 

Today I have a functional oriented scope and composed of three main accounts but my scope has evolved throughout my career. Indeed, the accounts that were attributed to me at the beginning, except the main ones, are not the same today. My academic background certainly led me to focus mainly on functional issues but the ones I am working on today are quite different from those I faced when I was a consultant. Regarding my team, it is composed of about thirty consultants and two Junior Business Managers.


Can someone who doesn’t know the financial or IT sector still become a Business Manager? 

Of course, this position remains accessible! Having a background in finance and experience as a consultant has allowed me to better interact with clients and have a consulting-oriented approach. But everything can be learned!

Personally, when I started working with the Financial Departments, I had to make a learning effort in order to fully understand all the specificities. For instance, related to IFRS 9 or regulatory reportings. I trained myself on cash management and electronic banking by soliciting expert consultants internally.


Can you describe a typical week of a Quanteam’s Business Manager?

The characteristic of this job is clearly that there is no typical week. We have intense weeks but there is no routine because we constantly have to face the unexpected. The days are more like those of a company director than of a bank employee for instance.

However, we still have objectives that serve as a red line for the organization of our weeks. Over an entire week, we will:

  • Interview candidates,
  • See our clients during meetings, coffees or lunches,
  • Organize meetings between consultants of our teams and our clients,
  • Respond to calls for tenders,
  • Realize an operational follow-up of our activity, for example by leading to the management of unanticipated problems such as sick leave or other.


In your opinion, what are the essential qualities to become a Business Manager?

I think that the paramount quality is to have a good relationship. Rigor and tenacity are also important qualities. We have a demanding job and therefore we need rigor in the operational monitoring of our team and the needs of our clients.


A word to conclude?

For me becoming a Business Manager has been a successful bet! I was in a certain comfort as a consultant and I took the risk of changing jobs. Today, I am very fulfilled in my position of Business Manager because it offers a range of skills and a diversity of projects that would not be offered to me in other jobs.


Moez, Business Manager at Quanteam