Risk Management Business Analyst

Jun 28, 2018


You will be called on to intervene in high added value missions, in project management and project development capacities with our clients and financial market players (mainly investment banks and fund management companies).


Your mission

  • Analysing and formalising client needs;
  • Analysing existing systems and assessing the impacts of computer systems and current processes;
  • Drafting detailed operational specifications;
  • Reforging systems and/or organising risk management services;
  • Integrating specialised financial software applications;
  • Analysing and improving credit and market risk monitoring models;
  • Approving the developed or implemented solution;
  • Providing training and functional support for users;
  • Change management;
  • Managing project/development committees.


Is this project fitting for you?


Your education:

  • 3rd cycle in Finance;
  • Computer engineering or general studies, with a specialisation in market finance or a business school.

Your competences:

  • Interest and a notion/command of quantitative issues;
  • 3 years minimum experience in project management, at an investment bank or asset management firm (specifically, related to risk management functions);
  • Knowledge of market risk indicators (Var, Sensitivity, Stress tests, etc.) and/or credit risk indicators (PD, LGD EAD…);
  • Good knowledge of derivative products on all types of assets (equity derivatives, rates, credit, etc).

Your key assets:

  • Excellent communication skills, analytical and implementation abilities;
  • Self-determination, discipline and initiative.

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