Artistic Director – UX/UI Designer – Casablanca





The Artistic Director is above all in charge of the realization of mockups required to the final realization of the graphic optimizations by developers.

The Artistic Director must combine theses 2 functions:

  • The UI designer (User Interface design);
  • The UX designer (User Experience design).


Your mission

  • Identify the main issues of the web or mobile product,
  • Lead users’ surveys in order to identify the blocking features and improvements;
  • Develop a user standard profile;
  • Create the storytelling in accordance with the brand identity;
  • Implement a design study highlighting the project issue and the different proposals (mockups) which will enable to draw up the first outlines of the project;
  • Write specifications in order to refine the graphic choices through mockups to draw the future interface;
  • Implement the A/B testing to judge the relevance of the new interface and to undertake further adjustments.


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Your competences:

  • Visual design of interfaces (Illustrator, Photoshop);
  • Interfaces/interactions prototyping (Processing, Flash, Visual Basic, HTML, etc);
  • Wireframing and screenwriting of interfaces;
  • Web modelling (good level in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery).

Your key assets:

  • Ability to question yourself;
  • Availability;
  • Team spirit;
  • Aesthetic sensibility.

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