Financial Engineer




Your mission

• Assess the computing needs and system requirements by consulting with users, management, technicians, and vendors in the capital markets industry
• Coordinate with the department heads, supervisors, and managers to solicit cooperation and resolve the problems
• Reviewing of project plans to coordinate project activity and further develop project goals, policies, and procedures
• Evaluating information technology use, thus recommending improvements in software applications and hardware instruments
• Evaluating the data processing proposals and assessing the project feasibility and requirements
• Developing the computer information and providing necessary security, strategic computing, and disaster recovery for the data
• Ensuring that all the system charts and programs are appropriate and further approving them for implementation


Send resume to:

Jean Etienne Retaureau,CEO, Quanteam North America Inc, 1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

or email resume to

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Your education: 

  • MSc in financial engineering or equivalent

Your competences:

  • 2 years experience in financial engineering


Full time

Number of employees supervised: None

Travel required: No

Job Site: New York, New York

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