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Your mission is to define the technical architecture of an information system and to ensure the consistency of its composing elements (networks, material, operating system, database and applications).  As a Technical architect you must be a high-level expert while being a generalist in order to have an overview of the information system. The fast and continuous evolution of new technologies requires abilities of anticipation.


Your mission


  • Support agile teams in their technical workshops;
  • Advise teams in charge of the implementation;
  • Handle the DevOps strategy of integration environment;
  • Realize JAVA/J2EE development activities;
  • Participate in the definition of IS technical infrastructures;
  • Recommend technical solutions and quantify the infrastructure to implement;
  • Verify and analyze the technical impact of new solutions;
  • Participate in every new project influencing the technical or organizational architecture;
  • Support development teams in the architecture of new applications;
  • Take over the evolution of the development tools;
  • Technological monitoring.

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Your education:

  • Master degree;
  • 7-year experience minimum in the JAVA/JEE IT development, project operation and management;
  • 4-year experience minimum as Application Architect.

Your competences:


  • Excellent knowledge in: technical architecture, application servers, SGBDR et Open source, operating systems (Microsoft, Linux et Unix), security tools, storage and backup system;
  • Knowledge of different framework and JAVA environment components: JDK8, Hibernate, JSF, Spring, jQuery, Drools, GWT, Angular…;
  • Strong knowledge in Microservices architecture;
  • Knowledge of SCRUM Agile method.

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