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As a Digital PMO, you will be in charge of operational management, follow-up and reporting coordination of the perimeter activity. You will also coordinate provisional schedules of resources allocations, the follow-up of realization and the perimeter budget.


Your mission


  • Methodological support of projects on the business field;
  • Realize studies: assessment of the current situation, opportunities studies;
  • Organization and lead of different meetings and working groups;
  • Write meeting reports;
  • Realize guideline notes ;
  • Write requirement specifications;
  • Follow-up of projects and releases;
  • Organize activities;
  • Coordinate and assign his perimeter resources;
  • Elaborate and follow the budget.

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Your education:

  • Master degree.

Your competences:

  • Strong knowledge of digital subjects;
  • Technical knowledge of project management;
  • Manage and plan;
  • Manage risks (financial, human, technical): anticipation, identification, implementation of corrective actions;
  • Design and adjust communication means and/or the documentation according to the messages and targets;
  • Define and follow a budget;
  • Implement a quality approach (implementation of good practices frames of reference, implementation of approaches based on the continuous improvement);
  • Realize the mission and set independently the organization;
  • Ease the cross cooperation;
  • Adopt appropriate relationship behavior;
  • Argue your decisions to convince and gain support..

Your key assets:

  • Interpersonal skills.


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