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The Product Owner represents the client and the users. He is the one who takes all the important decisions about the project direction and, in particular, he must prioritize the business functionalities that will be developed and maintain the list up to date. It is important that he remains available to answer the team questions and to validate / invalidate the expected results.


Your mission

The Product Owner is the client representative, he is in charge of :

  • Defining the product functionalities;
  • Deciding on the delivery dates and their content;
  • Being responsible of the product profitability (ROI);
  • Prioritizing the functionality according to their business value;
  • Adjusting the functionalities and their priority before every sprint planning;
  • Validate or invalidate the features developed,
  • Leading the sprint planning meeting;
  • Feeding and maintaining the Product Backlog (candidates for the sprint to come) and ensuring that the prerequisites to the related developments are available when needed (for example: business decisions, upstream IS dataset…);
  • Writing the User Stories related to priority functionalities and draw screen mockups when needed;
  • Answering questions arisen by the development team during the Sprint and completing the associated User Stories when needed;
  • Verifying during the Sprint that the developed functionalities meet the requirements with the development team;
  • Writing test plans;
  • Participating to Sprint review meetings during the one you will help the Product Owner to validate or invalidate the presented functionalities;
  • Testing the product compliance in its entirety before the production launch.


Is this project fitting for you?


Your education:

  • Master degree.

Your competences:

  • Business knowledge;
  • Experience in software development / Devops;
  • Necessary experience as Product Owner and/or Scrum Master;
  • Technical background appreciated;
  • Product Owner certification is a plus.

Your key assets:

  • Teaching and communication skills;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.


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