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The Tech Leader must cover a set of responsibilities: technical expertise, personalized coaching of developers to help them organizing their activities, maintaining developers’ motivation and the continuous improvement of development practices.

The mission of a Tech Leader is to act as a technical referent but also to build a self-organized team while maintaining its cohesion and bringing it to self-sufficiency.


Your mission

  • Being the technical adviser of the product;
  • Supporting the implementation of the development factory – UDD,
  • Realizing software developments (specifications, modelling, conception, coding) while respecting the technical and business constraints;
  • Being the support of the Product Owner for the continuous integration of new functionalities;
  • Taking over the evolution requirements;
  • Integrating and configurating the material and software components;
  • Leading the technical choices of the team;
  • Mastering the DevOps and its tools (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Nexus, Sonar, Big Data, DMP, Analytics, Data Visualization, Hadoop, Spark …);
  • Making developers writing unit tests,
  • Developing, correcting, etc.


Is this project fitting for you?


Your education:

  • Master Degree,
  • IT/Computer Science education.

Your competences:

  • Required experience as Tech Leader;
  • String knowledge in Devops and its tools;
  • UI/UX expert;
  • Excellent technical background: JAVA/JEE,
  • Proficiency in the configuration management tools;
  • Good knowledge of AngularJS and/or React JS,
  • Strong knowledge of methods and technics of object programming;
  • Good knowledge of webservices technologies;
  • Proficiency in Devops;
  • Strong knowledge of bug management tools;
  • Knowledge of the SCRUM Agile method;
  • Strong knowledge of software test methods;
  • Strong knowledge of documentary management.

Your key assets:

  • Client service and initiative sensibility;
  • Strong ability to work in a team;
  • Technophile.

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