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As an Agile Application Tester, you will be part of the Agile Team. You will be responsible of the test conception and realization and you must be the driving element in the continuous improvement of the test process.


Your mission

  • Collaborating in an agile team and be familiar to the agile principles and practices;
  • Helping business contributors to define “user stories” and understandable and testable acceptation requirements;
  • Designing test to realize for each user story;
  • Realizing manually the tests for each user story;
  • Designing the test automation;
  • Implementing the test automation;
  • Designing and realizing manual and automatic non-regression tests;
  • Setting up applicative versions on the team test environment through the tool of automatic deployment,
  • Checking the correctness of the current iteration bugs in synergy with the agile team;
  • Participating to stand up meetings;
  • Being proactive for the continuous improvement of the test process.

Is this project fitting for you?


Your education:

  • Master degree;
  • IT/Computer Science education;
  • Experience as tester in an agile environment.

Your competences:

  • Proficiency in one or several open source test automation tools;
  • Additional skills appreciated: Shell, Linux, Jmeter, Gatling, Selenium, GreenPeper;

Technical environment:

  • Linux, Cassandra / Jenkins / Git / Gitlab / puppet;
  • REST architecture.

Your key assets:

  • Passionate by new technologies ;
  • Interpersonal skills and good team spirit;
  • Good analytical skills.

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