IS and Digital Transformation Management Consultant

IS and Digital Transformation Management Consultant

IS and Digital Transformation Management Consultant 1 1 Quanteam
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Transformation and Organization

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You will join the Strategy and Transformation division of a major bank. Its mission is to drive, manage and lead both the Bank's intervention strategy and its transformation strategy. Strategic and transformation projects are carried out in close collaboration with all the Bank's departments.

The division is made up of two teams responsible for driving, steering and coordinating the Bank's strategy:

  • Drive strategic thinking on the Bank's main markets, with a strong digital prism, and lead strategic and transformation projects to implement strategic orientations, in support of business divisions and/or the Bank's Executive Committee; draw up the 5-year strategic plan, including two roadmaps: intervention strategy and transformation strategy; draw up annual strategic orientations ;
  • Steering the defined strategy: on the one hand, strategic, financial and extra-financial steering, in close liaison with the Finance department, and on the other, transformation steering;
  • Leading strategic dialogue to bring the strategic and transformation plan to life


  • Managing IS and digital transformation:
    • Contribute to the definition of the Bank's IS and digital strategy
    • Steering the implementation of IS and digital transformation, with the support of the IS, digital and data departments and existing bodies; contributing to annual transformation reviews;
  • Implement and manage IS and digital transformation projects at the Bank level:
    • Frame the deployment of the Product Mode within the Bank's perimeter and manage its implementation;
    • Act as the interface for the Bank's various digital transformation projects (e.g. Cloud, etc.).
  • Leading the key players in the Bank's IS and digital transformation, working closely with the head of the IS department
  • Contribute to improving the Bank's transformation process
  • Participate, alongside the Bank's departments, in certain major IS projects, to facilitate project management at the service of the Bank and prepare decision-support elements for Comex.


At least 8 to 10 years' experience in strategy and organizational transformation consulting, or in the transformation departments of major banks, companies or government agencies, with a strong IS and digital prism.
Proven expertise in managing complex transformation projects/programs: business model evolution, digital transformation, digital platform development, enterprise architecture.
Good understanding of the non-technical issues involved in the digital transformation of organizations, in particular cultural and operational issues.


  • Analytical skills, ability to model and put things into perspective, analytical mindset, synthesis and rigor, demonstrated through completed projects;
  • Mastery of transformation and change management techniques and concepts;
  • Enterprise architecture skills if possible;
  • Excellent writing and written/oral presentation skills.
  • Adaptability
  • Strong sense of team spirit, commitment and ability to work as part of a network/extended team
  • Ability to mobilize, unite and give meaning
  • Flexibility, responsiveness, self-control
  • Proven work capacity and strong motivation
  • Ability to interact with managers.


Quanteam is handi-accommodating and is committed to professional equality, gender diversity and diversity. It is open to all talents, and therefore encourages anyone with the skills mentioned in this offer to apply.
Quanteam offers a business model based on responsibility, commitment and responsible management, and is committed to sustainable development and respect for the environment.

About Quanteam

Quanteam (part of the Rainbow Partners Group) is a consulting firm specializing in the Banking, Finance and Financial Services sectors.

Our 740 consultants, from 35 different nationalities, are based in Paris, Lyon, London, New York, Montreal, Geneva, Lisbon, Porto, Brussels and Casablanca.

With its dual business and IT skills, Quanteam supports its key account customers (corporate and investment banks, asset management companies, private and retail banks, securities custodians, etc.) throughout the Front-to-Back chain, in the evolution of their business activities and in their Transformation projects.

Our teams are organized around 5 areas of expertise:

  • Quantitative Finance
  • Risk, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
  • Operations and Finance
  • Transformation and Organization
  • IT and Information Systems

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