Diversity Day

Diversity Day

Diversity Day 1920 2560 Quanteam

A look back at the culinary journey made in Rainbow Partners!

To mark Diversity Day, each employee was invited to bring back a culinary speciality from his or her own country! Because diversity, sharing and the richness of our cultures represent us, we'd like to thank all our employees for helping us travel.

A look back at this wonderful event organized by our Human Resources department.

Read the interview with Sarah BOURENANE - HR Director, Rainbow Partners Group

What is diversity?

Etymologically, diversity means "diversus" in Latin, i.e. "diverse, contradictory, varied". My definition is that diversity represents "the variety of human profiles" that can evolve within the same company. So we understand that it refers to the variety of profiles and genders such as sex, age, beliefs, skills, disabilities....

Diversity is plural, and for World Diversity Week we've chosen to highlight our cultural differences with a culinary voyage around our nationalities.

Why promote diversity?

Promoting diversity is a major challenge for our HR policy, which aims above all to combat all forms of discrimination.

Encouraging diversity is seen as a lever for equal opportunity and innovation, and a powerful way of combating stereotypes.
It's about creating a workspace where there's room for authenticity, where everyone can express their creativity according to who they are, and express their ideas in the light of their own enculturation.

How diverse is Rainbow Partners?


Diversity is a natural part of the Group's DNA. It is a strength, the fruit of our performance and competitiveness. With over 30 different nationalities and origins, our rich cultural mix and talented people are the driving force behind our innovation and performance. For us, innovation is a prerequisite for growth. And our diverse teams are better able to come up with ingenious solutions than groups of people - no matter how brilliant - who think in the same way.

Indeed, it seems beneficial to get people from different backgrounds to work together, so that they can compare their opinions and come up with the best ideas. What would be the added value of brainstorming sessions if they were composed and led by people with similar backgrounds and ideas?

So, diversity is a real challenge for companies today, from both an HR and a legal point of view.

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