International Women's Rights Day - Quanteam partners with start-up Yolo

International Women's Rights Day - Quanteam partners with start-up Yolo

International Women's Rights Day - Quanteam partners with start-up Yolo 3768 2350 Quanteam

As part of International Women's Rights Day, the Group is teaming up with start-up Yolo to help female employees achieve a better work-life balance by sponsoring their day-to-day support by personal assistants.

Objective: reduce mental workload!

What is Yolo?

Yolo is the first B2B service to democratize access to assistants dedicated to managing the day-to-day personal and family lives of employees, so as to reduce their mental workload and enable them to work more serenely, find time for themselves, for what they love, and delegate the rest!

Yolo is committed to freeing female employees from the constraints of daily personal and family life, giving them the opportunity to combine professional success with personal fulfillment, and thus enabling companies to accelerate their efforts to promote gender equality.

How does it work?

In concrete terms, 5 women, partners or directors in several Group entities, will be supported by a personal assistant who will relieve them of all the personal tasks they wish to entrust to her. They are all women with children, more or less young, single parents or couples, who have a daily personal to-do list that constitutes a mental overload.

Our aim: to free them as much as possible from this mental burden, to gain serenity and regain personal free time and professional comfort.

What support is the group providing for this first cohort of 5 women?

In this test, we're going to start with an initial package of 5 hours per month per person to learn how to delegate to a personal assistant, with the ambition, if this works, of moving up to a higher package and rolling it out to all.

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