Quanteam North America, consulting company specialized in Finance offering both Business and IT skills, provides the functional competences, but also the expertise in information system specific to Quanteam experts in the United States and Canada.

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Quanteam North America Jean Etienne Retaureau

Jean-Etienne RETAUREAU

Chief Executive Officer Partner USA & Canada

Marion Rousset


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Talent Acquisition Specialist Canada

Quanteam North America Consultant’s experience

Quanteam North America

After two years consulting with Quanteam Paris, I confessed to my manager I’d always had a strong desire for a working experience abroad. I soon got in touch with Quanteam North America and we characterized together a job description that I would best fit into. I filled a skills form and we shared my application with prospective clients.

I got two phone interviews and validated my profile with one client. We initiated administrative work for a visa application. In the meantime HR teams from both New York and Paris helped me with my forthcoming installation in the US.

I’ve been working for a year now as Front Office Application Support in NYC. Quanteam knowhow widely contributed to the success of my integration and my new mission.”

Thomas, Quanteam North America Consultant

” After a graduation in Risk Management at ENSAM, a French engineering school, and an internship as an IT developer for BNP, New York City, I decided to start a career in North America.

I contacted Quanteam through LinkedIn and thanks to the implication of Marion and Jean-Etienne, I soon got an interview for a mission that fitted my engineer background and my carrier goals.

Quanteam followed and supported me through the process of settlement in Canada, including the visa delivery. I landed in Canada with ideals conditions, especially considering the looming pandemic. On March 2020, I joined the APS team (Production Application Support) of BNP. This mission perfectly joins the technical skills I developed during my engineer training and
the relational side I was looking for.

Adrien, Quanteam North America Consultant

” After a one-year professional experience, I soon got in touch with Quanteam while I was looking for a new job. The process was fast and simple and a position was quickly offered. It totally fitted with my profile and my expectations.Since 2011, a relationship based on mutual trust, transparency and communication was established between Quanteam and me.

I have accomplished several missions in Paris with Quanteam, such as working at the “trading support” service at Société Générale, or at the “Project Management” service, in Legal and Compliance for BNP, and also at the “Project Management Office” (PMO) in assets management service, BNP.
Then, I searched for an international experience. Quanteam guided and supported me during the whole process.

Since March 2019, I am in Montreal and I am consulting for BNP: after a position in the corporate governance, I am currently Project Manager Office, which is a position with much responsibility and very rewarding. Quanteam advised me in this internal switch of position.

Diane, Quanteam North America Senior Consultant

” I was a business analyst in the financial area in Canada when a year and half ago I applied for a job posted on LinkedIn by Quanteam. It fitted my profile, my background and my expectations. The recruitment process was really fast and transparent.

After a mission at BNP Paribas, I am currently a senior business analyst at Société Générale, Montreal.

My team works in back office, in coordination with several other teams. We meet fast and efficiently the need of our users. Besides, as a scrum master, I manage and coordinate team work.

Jessy, Quanteam North America Senior Consultant

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