Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the questions you frequently ask before applying at Quanteam.

What is the recruitment process to be consultant at Quanteam?

Our recruitment process is composed of 3-4 interviews that allow us to talk about our business activity, our business offers, your career path and your career aspirations. Our goal is to check that your profile matches with our opportunities.

You will meet different interlocutors: managers, consultants, recruitment team, associates… and your will take evaluation tests adapted to your professional career and your skills.

Do you hire interns and work-study students?

We mainly hire applicants under long-term contracts after a master degree. They usually come from Engineering schools, Universities or Business schools.

However, we occasionally hire trainees in internships or work-study students. Please send us your Resume on the email address so we can give you a personalized answer according to your profile and our current needs.

What can be the value of moving from an in-house position to a position in a consulting firm?

« After 6 years in an in-house position as project manager/business analyst, I found that the opportunities for professional development that my employer could propose and the subjects that would be entrusted to me would not correspond to my expectations.

I decided to go back in a consulting firm and more especially at Quanteam, for the broadest range of subjects that they could offer.

For more than 3 years, I intervene on missions that correspond to the subjects that interested me. A career in a consulting firm is also an excellent opportunity to face different contexts, issues and methods, which allows to reinforce one’s professional experience. »

Loic Bertrand – Consultant Manager, Project Manager/Business Analyst

Do you offer certified training at Quanteam?

Training is a key aspect of our Human Resources policy. We offer our consultants internal or external trainings in order to support them the best in their career evolution and to answer the best the needs of our clients.

Is it possible to start working on a position in France and then going to New York?

It’s entirely possible! At Quanteam we promote the internal mobility of our consultants who can join our subsidiaries in London, Brussels, New York or Casablanca. Our Quanteam North America entity regularly seeks collaborators to work in New York, Chicago and Montreal.

Have you further questions? Contact our Human Resources team !