Life at Quanteam

Working at Quanteam means being supported throughout your career by a Human Resources team and by managers close to you, available and remaining at your disposal.

Your integration at Quanteam

At your arrival, the Human Resources team invites you to a lunch cocktail in order to finalize your integration. During this time, consultants who recently joined Quanteam are gathered for a presentation of the firm’s functioning and to meet the Head Office teams. These integration group sessions allow you to meet your colleagues and to start developing your network within Quanteam.

The « Quanteam spirit »

Our will is to create a sustainable and genuine relationship with all of you. Because you, consultants, are not physically present in the Head Office, creating proximity is one of our priorities. Indeed, it is not always easy to feel like you belong to a company when you work on another’s site. As a consequence, we plan numerous events to create opportunities to meet and discuss.

Conviviality, proximity and sharing are strong values of our DNA and represent the “Quanteam spirit”. Coffees, afterworks, meetings with senior consultants, end-of-year parties, running sessions, laser games or even Christmas trees are organized to allow you to meet between consultants. In addition, newsletters are sent every quarter in order to inform you about the latest « Quanteam news ».

Together we build tomorrow’s Quanteam so it is important to us that you take part in laying the foundations of this future, each in your own manner. We rely on you and we incite you to get involved in the internal life of the company by co-opting talents, writing articles for the Quanteam Blog, coaching junior consultants etc…

Regular follow-up of your career development

Your physical distance with the Head Office does not hinder the follow-up that your managers and your HR team dedicate to you: we remain attentive to your expectations, your needs and your wishes throughout your career at Quanteam.

Your managers come to see you regularly within or near your client’s premises. It can be done in a formal framework during a project meeting or in an informal framework, sharing a coffee for instance.

Furthermore, the Human Resources team is at your disposal to support you throughout your missions and your evolution at Quanteam.

Certified trainings

Training is at the heart of our Human Resources policy. We aim to encourage the continuous skills development of our employees with the constant willingness to make them evolve according to their personal aspirations and to the corporate objectives and needs.

Each training, internal or external, is personalized depending on the profile and the career projects of each contributor.

International opportunities

Quanteam has an international influence with missions in Brussels, London, Casablanca, New York, Chicago… We constantly pay attention to the expectations of our contributors in order to support them in their career evolution wishes. We facilitate internal geographic mobility under our « mobility process » which results with the departure of many consultants to our entities abroad each year.