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Entreprendre – 05/09/2017

The Entreprendre magazine highlights the Quanteam Group success in an interview with Julien Bensoussan, Associate Director of the Groupe.

Financial Times – 04/11/2017

Quanteam takes part of the rankings realized by Financial Times and Statista of the 1000 European companies having the strongest growth in Europe and ranks 645th.

Frenchweb – 03/30/2017

The Quanteam Group ranked by Frenchweb 38th in the French Tech Top 500 firms in 2017.

L’Express – Cahier spécial entreprises – 03/22/2017

The Quanteam Group celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017 and L’Express magazine returns to our performance in an article page 31 of the Cahier spécial entreprises.

Frenchweb – 03/20/2017

The Quanteam Group rewarded among the most influential French Tech companies while being ranked 25th of the Top 50 companies that recuit in digital sector according to Frenchweb.

Les Echos – 02/03/2017

Quanteam rewarded among the Champions of growth in 2017 by Les Echos: 164th out of 500 in the overall standings and 20th in the sector classification

L’Express and EY – 11/28/2016

Quanteam success has been confirmed with a ranking in 2nd place among the best French startups in 2016

Frenchweb – 11/16/2016

Quanteam is ranked 14th among the Top 100 companies that recruit in the digital industry established by Frenchweb.

The White Paper “612 rencontres sur les réseaux sociaux” by Alban Jarry – 11/08/2016

Quanteam is a sponsor of Alban Jarry’s White Paper : “612 rencontres sur les réseaux sociaux”.

SCALA joins the QUANTEAM Group – 06/08/2016

With the acquisition of SCALA, a specialist in digital transformation, the Quanteam Group confirms its ambitions to develop new businesses and deploy its services throughout France. The Quanteam Group becomes a multi-specialist consulting firm, in banking-finance with Quanteam, in insurance with Asigma and in Digital transformation with SCALA.

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Le livre blanc parution twitter par Alban Jarry – le 23/11/2015

Quanteam soutient Le Livre Blanc “112 regards sur Twitter” publié par Alban Jarry sur l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux dans le monde de la Banque, Finance et Assurance.

Portrait de Startuper – on Twitter 11/12/2015

Julien Bensoussan, Associate Director and Founder of Quanteam answers the questions of Sébastien Bourguignon in #PortraitDeStartuper.

Capital Management – 11/20/2014

Quanteam is ranked 5th among  parmi the 50 recruiters under development by Capital Management magazine.

L’Express – 09/17/2015

Quanteam ranked 4th in the Top 100 of French start-ups published by L’Express.

L’Express – 11/16/2011

L’Express ranks Quanteam as the 11th most promising company in France among SMEs identified by EY.

Le journal du net – 11/16/2011

EY established a ranking of the young French startup champions of IT and ranks Quanteam in 2nd position.

Linkfinance – 01/03/2012

Richard Devies, Recruitment Director at Quanteam interviewed by Linkfinance.