Since 2007, Quanteam has been advising and supporting all the major players in market finance in France and abroad. Our consultants are specialists in your business and IT issues.

More than 700 IT AND business experts
at the service of banks and financial players

Since its creation, Quanteam has established itself as a pure player in market finance consulting, thanks to its dual technical skills and in-depth knowledge of its customers' business issues.

Investment banks, securities managers, private banks, securities custodians, retail banks or corporate players.... Quanteam can support you across the entire front-to-back chain, thanks to its communities of experts organized around 5 areas of expertise: quantitative finance, operations & finance, risk - compliance & regulatory, information systems and transformation & organization.

What makes us different

  • We've been working with all the major banking and financial players for over 15 years, and we've been trusted by over 39 key account customers from the outset. Thanks to our resolutely human values - Proximity, Team Spirit, Diversity, Excellence - and our communities of committed consultants, we deliver a high level of expertise to our customers.

  • Originally specializing in quantitative and risk issues, Quanteam quickly turned its attention to IT issues. Today, our teams of consultants have a perfect understanding of the banking and financial professions, and can support our customers' operational teams (production of risk indicators, regulatory reports, pricing, model creation, FO support, etc.) as well as lead and manage complex end-to-end projects (project management, contracting, project management, etc.).

  • Thanks to its organization by Practices and Tribes, Quanteam encourages collaboration and the sharing of experience between its different communities of experts in order to provide innovative answers to its customers. For us, Collective Intelligence and Team Spirit are paramount: it's in our DNA, and it makes all the difference!

  • An independent French consulting firm, Quanteam has rapidly expanded internationally, setting up local offices to stay as close as possible to its customers. In Europe, Quanteam is present in Paris, Lyon, London, Brussels, Lisbon, Porto and Geneva. We are also present in the United States, Canada and Morocco, with offices in New York, Montreal and Casablanca. Our international presence enables us to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers, whose teams are split between different locations.

  • Since 2007, Quanteam has been the driving force behind Rainbow Partners, a group of nine multi-specialist consulting firms, led by experienced Partners who are recognized in their sectors and areas of expertise. Blockchain, Innovation Financing, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relations, Purchasing Function Transformation, Cybersecurity... Quanteam and its partner firms combine their expertise to create value and establish themselves as true "innovation gas pedals".

Our three levels of intervention


  • Benchmarking software solutions
  • Defining risk policies
  • Regulatory studies, impact analysis and implementation
  • Setting up governance
  • Audit, redesign or optimization of processes
  • Model creation/validation
  • Quantitative impact study
  • Portfolio review
  • Data quality
  • Application for approval (ACPR file, business plan)


  • Project management
  • PMO
  • Framing
  • Expression of needs
  • Functional specifications
  • Recipe
  • Change management
  • Implementation of software solutions
  • Definition of architectures and development of software solutions
  • Business parameterization consulting


  • Backing up business teams for operational production (quantitative, risk, regulatory)
  • Automated reporting
  • Local business development (SAS, VBA/Excel, BI)

A human adventure
driven by a diversity of profiles

QUANTEAM is above all a human adventure, embodied by teams of 35 different nationalities from all over the world.

What brings our employees together is our shared values. But the QUANTEAM adventure is also about proximity and the quality of the relationship that binds us to our customers.
Through our areas of expertise (Quantitative Analysis, Risks, Operations & Finance, Transformations & Organization, IT & Information Systems), we have succeeded in structuring our teams and organizing our operations around hierarchical grades to challenge and animate our communities.

Our collective intelligence and our ability to develop everyone's potential guarantee that you'll be working with the best experts on each of your issues, while respecting our human values.

Cutting-edge expertise
embodied by five areas of expertise


The Quantitative Finance practice brings together all our quants and IT quants. The practice covers the full range of quantitative issues: regulatory developments, risk management, financial product management, data management and R&D. Our consultants also master the main tools (Sophis, Scenarisk, Murex, Calypso) and programming languages (Python, R, Matlab, C++, C#, Java, SAS).


The Risk, Compliance and Regulatory practice brings together our consultants who specialize in risks and regulatory developments in the market finance sector. This practice keeps an in-house regulatory watch, enabling us to keep abreast of new banking regulations. Our consultants' skills cover all the main risks: market risk, credit risk, counterparty risk and operational risk.


The Operations and Finance practice brings together our middle, back and corporate finance consultants. This practice covers all middle and back office activities, as well as accounting and management control. With their multi-skilled profiles, the consultants in this practice are involved both in production and operational support, and in projects run by the banks' finance departments.


The Transformation and Organization practice brings together our consultants specializing in the transformation of organizations and information systems, change management and operational excellence. The market finance sector is characterized in particular by its many evolutions, confronting industry players with critical challenges. The aim of this practice is to develop expertise to meet these challenges: organizational audits, diagnostics, strategy development, steering and support, and change management.


The Information Systems practice brings together our consultants specializing in IT and project management. You'll find our developers mastering the major programming languages (Java, .NET, C++, C#, Python, R...), the main databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL...), and the major BI technologies (QlikView, Informatica, Business Objects, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS...), as well as our MOA consultants, project managers, product owners, application support and Data and Big Data strategy specialists.


As a partner of emlyon business school and sponsor of the Master MSc In Finance in 2023, Quanteam is helping to train the experts of tomorrow. From the outset, we have been forging links with leading schools (emlyon, ISFA, ESA, Dauphine...) and supporting students throughout their studies. We are committed to the training of future generations of finance experts, while respecting our human values, and create links through numerous events: school forums, trade fairs, practical workshops, presentations by our experts...

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