Rainbow Partners Group

With its 980 experts, Rainbow Partners is a multi-specialist consulting group present in France and internationally through 9 consulting firms.

Our shared vision: bringing together the best talents to deliver a high level of expertise

Since 2007, the Rainbow Partners Group, an initiative of QUANTEAM and ASIGMA, has brought together more than 980 experts and 17 "Partners" from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common vision, to meet the organizational, business and IT transformation needs of its customers in France and abroad. Thanks to strong human values - proximity, diversity, team spirit and excellence - and a high level of combined expertise, Rainbow Partners guarantees its customers a 360° vision of their issues and enables its employees to flourish in their professions. Everyone contributes to the collective success and upholds the environmental and societal vision we share, by playing an active role in the transformation of our customers' projects.

Quanteam is the founding entity of the Rainbow Partners Group.

Since 2007, and thanks to its historical legitimacy in the banking and financial sectors, QUANTEAM has been the driving force behind the Rainbow Partners Group. QUANTEAM brings its dual business and IT expertise, and combines the skills of the group's other consultancies, to create value and meet the cross-functional needs of its customers.

Our Consulting Firms



Historic pure player in banking and finance consulting. Dual skills in Business and IT.

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New-generation consulting firm, expert in the insurance industry.

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Industrial sector expert, specializing in Digital Transformation and Operational Efficiency.

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Consulting firm, expert in Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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Consulting firm, expert in Purchasing Transformation and Digitalization.

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Customer Relationship Specialist (Sales Performance, Marketing and Customer Service). Authorized Salesforce integrator.

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Consulting firm, expert in Cybersecurity and IT Security.

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Consulting firm, expert in innovation financing.

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Consulting firm, accelerator for Blockchain and Web3 projects.

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Rainbow Partners in France and abroad

Faithful to its values of proximity, the Rainbow Partners Group supports its customers in France and internationally, through its offices in Paris, Lyon, New York, Montreal, London, Geneva, Lisbon and Casablanca. This location is also a real " accelerator de vie" for the Group's employees, who can benefit from geographical mobility across borders.


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