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Background & challenges

Optimization of processes linked to the creation and management of ESG indicators for a financial institution (asset manager).

Our customer use case concerns an asset manager facing complex challenges linked to ESG data quality, and the review of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) calculation processes. The current context is marked by a significant increase in the importance of ESG indicators in investment decisions, and by the need to meet growing regulatory requirements in this area.

The main challenges facing our customer include :

  • Data instabilities: Inconsistencies and instabilities in ESG indicators are reported between internal systems and reports, affecting the credibility of information.
  • Complexity of the ESG Value Chain: ESG data comes from different sources, goes through several calculation processes and is used by various departments, creating a coordination and alignment challenge.
  • Alignment with Regulatory Compliance: Customers need to ensure that their ESG practices comply with ever-changing regulations, which requires a systematic and transparent approach.

Solution provided

Managing transformation solutions with regard to the use of ESG data and improving ESG data quality: From Inconsistency to Alignment

To meet these challenges, we deployed a comprehensive solution drawing on our project management expertise. Our approach consisted of three key steps:

  • Diagnosis and Analysis: We carried out an in-depth assessment of the ESG data infrastructure, identifying sources of inconsistency and failing processes.
  • Definition of an Operational Model: In collaboration with the client's stakeholders, we developed a target operational model covering the collection, calculation, integration and use of ESG data.
  • Implementation and Monitoring: We worked in close partnership with the customer's internal teams, as well as external supplier BlackRock Solutions to implement the operational model, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and best practice.

Customer benefits:

Informed and compliant investment decisions

By opting for our transformation solution, the customer has reaped significant benefits:

Data reliability: Instabilities and discrepancies between ESG indicators have been eliminated, reinforcing the credibility of internal and external reporting.

Process optimization: The target operating model has streamlined the ESG value chain, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of error.

Regulatory compliance: The solution ensures constant alignment with changing regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Informed decision-making: Access to reliable and consistent ESG data enables clients to make more informed and sustainable investment decisions.

Our contribution has enabled our customer not only to solve existing problems, but also to align itself with strategic objectives and ever-changing regulations.

Quanteam expertise makes the difference

  • Precise Analysis: In-depth analysis of data infrastructures, precisely identifying sources of instability and complexity, enabling us to target problems at their root.
  • Project management: Distinctive expertise in project management, ensuring meticulous planning, efficient resource allocation and rigorous supervision at every stage of the process.
  • Communication with external third parties: Communication with external third parties such as BlackRock Solutions, identifying precise tactical and strategic solutions to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and project objectives, while ensuring optimum mutual understanding.

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