Optimizing IT Ticket Management: A Pillar of IT Performance

Optimizing IT Ticket Management: A Pillar of IT Performance

Optimizing IT Ticket Management: A Pillar of IT Performance 2560 1920 Quanteam

A ticket is a record of an IT-related request, problem or task.

These tickets are created to track, prioritize and resolve IT problems, as well as to manage user support requests.

Why are IT tickets important?

They help structure and prioritize IT issues:

  • Problem tracking: Tickets keep track of all reported IT problems, making it easier to track and resolve them.
  • Prioritization: Tickets are generally assigned a priority, enabling problems to be sorted according to their severity and impact on operations.
  • Communication: They act as a channel of communication between users and technical support teams, providing updates on the status of the resolution.
  • Continuous improvement: Collecting data from tickets helps identify trends and recurring problems, which can lead to improvements in processes and systems.

How can you manage them effectively?

Setting up a ticket management system is fundamental, as it enables tickets to be organized and KPIs (statistics) to be generated.

Assignments are generally made according to skills and availability, and ticketting tools also offer more transparent communication to the user.

With tracking of ticket status and, if applicable, an ETA.

Prioritization is done at the IT management level, and prioritization criteria must be used (applications, users, business).

Each ticket must contain the resolution and any documentation.

Last but not least, logging tickets allows you to build up a knowledge base that can be reused, and to continually train your teams.

The benefits of IT Ticket Management

Efficient IT ticket management brings many benefits, including :

  • Reduced downtime: Problems are solved more quickly, minimizing downtime.
  • User satisfaction: Users appreciate fast, efficient support, which boosts their satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement: Ticket data can be used to identify areas for continuous improvement.
  • Increased productivity: IT teams can concentrate on more strategic tasks instead of spending time dealing with recurring problems.

In conclusion...

IT ticket management is a fundamental process for all IT governance. By following good ticket management practices, you can guarantee rapid support, better communication with users and constant improvement of IT operations and interventions.


an article written by...

Arnaud Willemain,

Director, Information Systems Practice and Tribe Support & Infra

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