Look back on the 5km run organized for the benefit of AIMETH

December 15th, 2016

Quanteam Hangagé_Handicap

On Saturday, the 26 of November 2016, Quanteam had organized a 5km run for the benefit of the AIMETH, an association promoting the employment and the employment maintenance of disabled workers whose cause has been supporting for several years through “Quanteam Hangagé”.


For how long has the consulting company been committed to the cause of disabled workers?

To be very honest, I don’t think I am wrong in asserting that since its creation, Quanteam has always considered human at the heart of its concerns. In fact, this has been translated by a close relationship with consultants, an individual follow-up and particular accompaniment to personal difficulties, especially health problems, that anyone could face one day.

Sarah Bourenane

This reality means that, very soon after my arrival at Quanteam, it seemed obvious to me, as a Human Resources Director, to make this commitment visible by setting up on January 1, 2015 a real responsible “Disabled employee Policy” which commits us in a sustainable way by an action on all issues related to disability and well-being at work.
Since we want to be part of social and civic responsibility approach by changing our perception on disability, we have initiated awareness-raising campaigns and disability-related events these last two years, such as the latest one: a run for the profit of AIMETH.


How did the race go? Was the Saturday 26th of November 2016 the first edition?

In trainers and running shirts to start! 🙂 More seriously, everyone ran at his own pace and in his way around the Bois de Boulogne Lake and, for each kilometer done, a donation was given to the association!
In this context, the meeting point was a stand with our colors and with “Quanteam Hangagé” available flyers in order to raise awareness and exchange with every curious person.

The organization of this race was indeed a first!


Why did you choose to organize a race?

The idea of a race came to us quite naturally: we wanted to gather and federate our consultants around our common commitment. It is therefore in the collective effort that we wanted to support the cause driven by AIMETH, aimed at promoting the integration and retention of people with disabilities.

We have to keep in mind that 80% of the working population is confronted, at some point during their career, with a disability. Thus, our challenge is multiple: prevent, inform, prepare and anticipate in order to be able to support our collaborators in the best conditions.


How many people participated to this race? Did they all finish the race?

We were at least twenty participants and I am proud to say that they have all gone to the end of this initiative and even more for a lot of them who ran 10km!


What are the other actions organized as part of Quanteam Hangagé?

A lot of actions are led throughout the year and to do this we can rely on Ophélia Sanz, Human Resources Officer and our reference on “Disabled employee Policy”.


  • We support consultants who might be concerned by disability thanks to the preparation of files for disabled workers recognition in order that they can assert the rights that they can benefit from and that they often ignore;
  • We adapt, when needed, their workspace with the agreement of the occupational medicine;
  • We organize workshops at the occupational doctor in order that employees who want to can discuss about their situation with complete confidentiality;
  • We broadcast news report on a regular basis, for instance, this year we daily broadcast for one week disability awareness videos;
  • We mobilize in the action once a year by the organization of one or more events all along the international week of November.


Sarah Bourenane – Quanteam Group Human Resources Director