Full Stack developer – Montreal





You will be working as a consultant for a French bank, on a cross asset trading platform used worldwide. This platform is at the heart of the bank digital strategy, and the Montreal’s development teams contribute to developing IT products.

At Quanteam, we pride ourselves on fostering and agile culture across a broad domain and on an international scale. For this team, AngularJS, Java and C# are just languages to express ideas and TDD/BDD is just a way to strive for excellence … They all share the same ambition to improve themselves; not knowing something is just an opportunity to learn and to collaborate. They look for business partnerships just because they want to take on great challenges, all while taking pride in the value they create. They are definitively freshmen playing a big game!

The Montreal team is one of the 3 bank feature teams focusing on structured products asset class, but they are part of a bigger picture with folks in the UK, France and even other countries … At the end thanks to their contribution their clients have access to a new umbrella platform for structural products desks, distributors, private banks and wealth managers.


Your mission

We believe that part of being a good Software Developer means developing a strong understanding of all aspects of the software development life cycle and the business in which he/she operates in.

We also believe in promoting communication, quality and constant improvement.

So that, within the Agile team your responsibilities include:

  • Producing new futures – It is not only writing code but also includes making design/architectural decisions, testing (generally TDD/BDD), tracking quality-related metrics and producing documentations
  • Demo features to stakeholders and product owners to gain a solid understanding of the business and get feedback on delivered work
  • Participate in Scrum-related activities, such as daily stand-up meeting, backlog refinement, sprint retrospectives and demos
  • Follow deliverables through our established release and change management standards and providing operational support if necessary
  • Taking time to enjoy yourself by either joining some of our existing communities or by creating new ones

Is this project fitting for you?

We don’t believe in the idea of requiring at least 10 years of experience in X technology just to apply.

Your competences:

IT playground:

  • HTML5;
  • Angular JS;
  • C#/.net;
  • TDD/BDD;
  • UX testing (Protractor).

Your key assets:

  • Open-minded and curious;
  • You want to embrace the agile culture;
  • You want to face challenges;
  • Team player;
  • Strong analytical skills and fast and continuous learner;
  • Dynamic, detail oriented and rigorous.

Join us!

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