Our commitments and our CSR policy

Our commitments and our CSR policy


Quanteam strives to provide a business model that focuses on ethics, sharing, mutual respect and is committed to sustainable development and the respect for the environment. Discover our commitments through our disabled worker policy named Quanteam Hangagé and our CSR actions (Corporate Social Responsibility).

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Quanteam Hangagé

Quanteam continues to fulfill its commitments to hiring and retaining disabled employees through the implementation of various awareness-raising actions, for instance sensory workshops of “blind” tasting, but also thanks to a purchasing policy from the protected sector, a support to the AIMETH association and adaptations of workstation.

Through its campaign and actions, Quanteam wishes to demystify disability and make us aware that we can all be directly or indirectly affected by this issue during our professional career and that Quanteam does not consider disability as a brake on the career of its employees.

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Sustainable development

Quanteam relies on an internal ecological charter in order to optimize our energy consumption and reduce our environmental impact to make Quanteam a “greener” and more responsible company. We are regularly evaluated by CSR rating agencies such as Ecovadis.

We encourage all our consultants to adopt “green” habits: nocturnal extinction of monitors, central units and lights, recycling of used batteries/bulbs, use of recycled paper, reduction and optimization of essential prints, personalization of their electronic signature, etc.

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For several years now, Quanteam has been proud to support the association Sen-égalité, whose main focus is on the future of children and sustainable development in Senegal. This association is especially present in the villages of Ndiongolor and Dioral. In particular, Quanteam contributed to finance the installation of photovoltaics panels, the building of a school providing meals and medical care (this school became the best school of the area in terms of results),the establishment of micro-credits and the creation of an irrigation system for an experimental farm.

Quanteam’s commitment to Sen-equality as a patron reflects the values of sharing and help that we want to put forward daily in our company.